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  1. Drek

    What's your favorite pokemon game of all time?

    Fire red is amazing.
  2. Drek


    I get emails for most of my notifications. About 60% of 'em.
  3. Drek

    Favorite Text Editor -> IDE?

    Notepad. Never fails me.
  4. Drek

    I got back into World Of Warcraft

    WoW? Wow!
  5. Drek


    Venom looks a bit fake in this. I wonder if that's just the look they're going for.
  6. Drek

    Farewell front D:

    Farewell front D:
  7. Drek

    Favorite food?

    Little Caesar's pizza is the greatest substance to ever grace this earth.
  8. Drek

    New section - Anime and Manga!

  9. Drek

    Give an interesting name for a galaxy that doesn't exist

    Idanoag Udnaim for a galaxy.
  10. Drek

    What's your favorite colour?

    My favorite is the one spelled C-O-L-O-U-R. I don't fancy the American spelling of the word, despite me being American.
  11. Drek

    What Characters are You Hoping For in Smash 5? (Sma5h)

    What are some characters you hope might possibly make it into Smash 5? Something that has a chance of making in into the game. Be reasonable; Don't say spongebob. I hope Wolf, and Squirtle will make a return from brawl. I don't have an idea on what new characters should be added, though, which...
  12. Drek

    Aliens are real. Legitimate alien sighting gif from 1912

    If you look closely, you can see that this legitimate photo from 1912 is proof that we are not alone in this universe. the struggles of editing on an ipad falalalalala
  13. Drek

    I'm Ronald McDonald

    I can be unsure. :unsure:
  14. Drek

    Bing is better than Google

    You probably disagree with that clickbait title. If so, what are some reasons that you think google is better than bing? P.s. Don't just say google has more accurate search results, because we all know that's not true.
  15. Drek

    Do you have any paranormal questions?

    I'm actually not sure what an exorcism is, to be honest.
  16. Drek

    Does anyone use Twitter?

    Yeah, and other switch stuff, like glitches in certain games.
  17. Drek

    More Emojis for the 'Like' Button

    Ah, ok. :unsure:
  18. Drek

    Does anyone use Twitter?

    I sometimes use it. Mostly for Nintendo Switch stuff, though.
  19. Drek

    More Emojis for the 'Like' Button

    I agree, though I don't see how the Unsure emoji is negative. :unsure: Sure, it may not be a , but it's useful for quite a few things.