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  1. Trueprime

    I'm getting back into Bootstrap

    Sounds like a plan :)
  2. Trueprime

    I'm getting back into Bootstrap

    Yes he is a great developer and from Egypt. I have supported some of his themes in past before and im still a client of his. People like that are worth something in this world we live in. That's awesome he offered that free to you, he sees something in you. Also your addons are quite amazing as...
  3. Trueprime

    I'm getting back into Bootstrap

    Grats on 1800 posts... woot woot! And yes I'm back into action. I was off for little bit taking care of someone close to me. Anyhow it's nice to see familiar old faces. Once again you did an outstanding job on your new style and it just keeps improving bro. You always take your time into...
  4. Trueprime

    I'm getting back into Bootstrap

    Thank you for your kind words TopSilver Yes I have taken the role and partnership with helping Camelion with Gamers101. Also it's awesome Mindpiff has partnered. I think our further plans is to actually not utilize the Wordpress into it as we feel it will be better to benefit to using one...
  5. Trueprime

    I'm getting back into Bootstrap

    Hi folks,Trueprime here. I just wanted to say I been enjoying Xenforo especially the new 2.0 and 2.1 revisions. When I started developing I was into using Wordpress. Wordpress is an amazing platform for creating any niche type site, but my preference always been into gaming, or business sales. I...
  6. Trueprime

    What strikes you're sense of humor?

    I like jokes that make u think why. Sometimes it may take a bit to get, but when you do, you will be like doh!! The laughter comes from the fact that it took you awhile to get the joke. So mainly it's more of an achievement :)
  7. Trueprime

    10 Cheesy WOW Jokes

    10 Cheesy WOW Jokes 1. I kissed a Tauren once....It was a misteak 2. A Warlock walked into a bar.....there was no counter 3. What do noobs and rogues have in common? They both pick locks 4. A Human, Night Elf and a Dwarf each go into a bar in Stromwind. They order their drinks, and a...
  8. Trueprime

    Mindpiff is looking amazing!

    Hey community. I'm sorry I been away and busy last few weeks. Anyhow, I logged back on and Mindpiff looks amazing. I love the new article system and the style just keeps improving. Well done :)
  9. Trueprime

    Is torture ever acceptable?

    This is a very interesting and debatable subject. In my personal opinion, I don't like that fact that we as humans have to got to that extent of cruelty. But in my other thinking in my judge of mind, there is sometimes something we have to do to protect ourselves and the ones we care for. In...
  10. Trueprime

    Andy is Here :)

    Great to see you here Andy. Also this is the best place to share your thoughts and imagination :)
  11. Trueprime

    I got back into World Of Warcraft

    Yeah, games like that get people hooked. I actually play a hunter worgan for the alliance. And on the opposite factor I play a Tauren Shaman for the Horde. I been pretty busy in other areas in between gaming, as in web development. The most important thing about it all, is the reminder to have...
  12. Trueprime

    I got back into World Of Warcraft

    Ah yes I love the Elder Scrolls. I have played Skyrim, and I haven't yet played ESO(Elder Scrolls Online). I remember playing Morrowind the original on Xbox and I really loved it. Elder Scrolls always has so many options and paths to choose, and that is one of the reasons I love it, as well as...
  13. Trueprime

    I got back into World Of Warcraft

    Yea i love anything that has a good story, and I am a huge fan of magic as well as sword clashing. Fantasy has always been my interests as I love Tolkien's works (in my opinion he is the King of fantasy) and I been a fan of Dungeons & Dragons as well.
  14. Trueprime

    I got back into World Of Warcraft

    Last night, I chatted with a good ol buddy of mine, and he managed to perk my interests up again for WOW. I took a break from it 8 months ago as I was concentrating on web development. The two key factors that brought me back to the game was old friends and the new expansion. the new Expansion...
  15. Trueprime


    Greetings Tecnico, welcome aboard!
  16. Trueprime

    Facebook Style Chat Now Added for Logged in Members Only. I have un-installed our previous chat.

    This is great, and the chat you have installed is the best one, in my opinion for this platform. Nice going Silver, I'm sure everyone else is stoked about this new feature :)
  17. Trueprime

    Five people die in US romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak

    I think it is based upon slacking or improper handling and cleaning of the lettuce. they should test most of it, especially if it is having these deadly results.
  18. Trueprime

    Five people die in US romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak

    Five people have now died in a major E. coli outbreak in the US involving romaine lettuce, with 197 cases reported across 35 states. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said 25 more people had been affected since its last report on 16 May. Two of the victims were from Minnesota...
  19. Trueprime

    We Are Now Partnered With will fully support in any way we can and we also appreciate support as well. Thanks all :)
  20. Trueprime

    We Are Now Partnered With

    Basically TopSilver explained the most important facts for GamersAuctions. Even though our name is GamersAuctions and yes we are a marketplace, we also are a community for gamers. We will discuss anything game related, including top games, tips, walkthroughs, builds and any other discussion in...
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