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  1. Abizaga


    Ey thanks! Nice to meet you!
  2. Abizaga

    Donkey Kong Country

    This game will always be a favorite. I think the theme of 1 or 2 would be my favorite track.
  3. Abizaga


    The ACP is a mess. I guess it had its own thing but its nowhere near what it used to be.
  4. Abizaga

    A new me!

    Congradulations and I wiah you all the best!
  5. Abizaga

    Official Post Your Steam ID Thread here is mine.
  6. Abizaga

    Count to 2021 before 2021

  7. Abizaga

    Donkey Kong Country

    This game was such a huge and important part of my childhood. I played this whenever I visited my best friend and I have so many good memories with it! What about you guys?
  8. Abizaga


    So I know alot of you will probably say that today it's garbage.... and I agree lol. However there once was a time it was on top of the industry. Did you guys ever get to use it during the 3.x days? Did you use it after that?
  9. Abizaga

    Anyone ever seen the show Amish Mafia?

    I have not but now even if it's fake I'm REALLY curious.
  10. Abizaga

    American Revolution

    Oh the American Revolution is one hell of a story. How George Washington managed to keep his army together is imressive. Did we ever actually re pay France for helping us out though? :ROFLMAO:
  11. Abizaga

    Last Game played?

    Last game I played was Jedi Knights III Jedi Academy on switch!
  12. Abizaga

    Game Modding

    I wonder how many of you guys are into making game mods? If you do, what game?
  13. Abizaga


    Ahaha Baaron Samedi's laugh does get kind of old when you constantly hear it in the Egypt level, doesn't it... I still remember being hyped discovering the moonrakers.
  14. Abizaga


    I guess one really does need to appreciate what they have while they had it. I forgot about the 10 dollar a month domain fee for ages, myself. lol.
  15. Abizaga


    Hell yeah. I loved this game so much as a kid. I have many good memories playing this with my brother when I was a kid!
  16. Abizaga


    Who all here has good memories playing goldeneye as a kid? I sure do playing it with my younger brother.
  17. Abizaga


    Yeah shit was suprisingly expensive back then looking back on it. I wonder what changed.
  18. Abizaga

    Nick vs Cartoon Network

    You know? The old boomerang 5heme! LATAM channel?
  19. Abizaga

    Just remember

    Com-poo-tur? What an odd sounding device. :p I inly re.ember going to a new years party cause my folks probably figured it was all horse shit lol
  20. Abizaga

    Anyone loves Xenforo?

    You're right. Addons can get fairly expensive and the costs really pile up. You'd have to be dedicated or know a way to make less stuff work.

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