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  1. Laifot

    What did you last watch?

    I just started Arrested Development :D
  2. Laifot

    Last Game played?

    Avakin Life!, i discovered the game a month ago, i wasn't really paying much attention to it at first but then as i was customizing my avakin character i found it so cool, you can't do much but you can really get pretty much anything without paying any money.
  3. Laifot

    Last Game played?

    I don't care about the outcome of the game anymore, i try to focus on getting better myself. I know there are a lot of people that literally throw the game by playing poorly but only in 2 games out of 10. If you tilt = you lose, it's simple.
  4. Laifot

    Last Game played?

    I've been playing league of legends lately, it helps me to release my stress accumulated for the last months.
  5. Laifot

    Your favorite Snacks?

    I really like Snickers and another one called Mecano, it's a nut-shaped choco.
  6. Laifot

    Favorite Music Genres?

    I was referring to heavy metal as a whole with all of their genres and sub-genres. One similar band (system of a down) is coming back in 2021 i'm sure you know them.
  7. Laifot

    Favorite Music Genres?

    How can i say? i don't wanna sound intolerant or disrespectful towards your taste, but that band was never considered something relevant in the evolution of heavy metal, they sure were famous and were doing amazing amount of money and influence using heavy music but they failed to take it as an...
  8. Laifot

    Thoughts on Polyamory or open Relationships?

    The only thing that i respect from that kind of people is that they're honest enough to say that they can't stop cheating their couples and they want something "open" just to cover that issue so they can stick to their policy. Myself, i won't ever do that because as like you, i wish to build...
  9. Laifot

    Xenforo too expensive?

    Oh i see you have a proboard forum, i had one when my first community died back in 2009. I visited it today and all the forums were deleted, do you know why? I haven't touched it since 2010 or so.
  10. Laifot

    Favorite Music Apps?

    I rarely use Music Apps since i got a lot of mp3s but mine is spotify, the daily mix is good when you don't know what to listen
  11. Laifot

    Favorite Coffee Shops?

    A colombian coffee shop name Juan Valdez. It heals my soul to have a latte there.
  12. Laifot

    Designing a new theme

    Maybe redesigning the icons for the forums could be something to take in account.
  13. Laifot

    Xenforo too expensive?

    Maybe you could switch to a free board and only pay for hosting. If you've got a backup you could do it.
  14. Laifot

    Your favorite Sandwich?

    It is, believe me. There are some variations like Cotoletta Alla Napolitana (Made in Argentina) with ham, cheese and a fair amount of tomato sauce around. Some of them include a fried egg, mashed potatoes or fries, others are included in a sandwich
  15. Laifot

    Your favorite Sandwich?

    We call it "Milanesa" In Latin America. It's some sort of breaded fried meat. You can't have it everyday or you'll get fat in no time though lol
  16. Laifot

    Hello MindPiff

    I proceed to lock this thread, even though it's a welcoming one, i wish that our new member @Xoogle can start posting in other conversations.
  17. Laifot

    Your favorite Sandwich?

    ham and cheese sandwiches all the way :) Also one of my favs is the Cotoletta sandwich!
  18. Laifot

    Worst Forum Software in your Eyes? (free and paid)

    IPB is not what it used to be that's true but i wouldn't set it as the worst. those copies of vbulletin for me are my least favourites because they doesn't even look presentable and the posting area is full of useless buttons for things like ICQ (?)
  19. Laifot

    Hello MindPiff

    We do not hate our former users, you're more than welcome in our community! We had someone who had a similar username, that's why he said it. Maybe he thought he came back.
  20. Laifot

    Last episode you watched / chapter you read

    Magia Record Episode 11, i very like Touka's clothes!

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