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  1. Cumulus

    Coronavirus Death Toll.

    Having just recovered from Covid-19, it's an odd one. For me, it was a bit of an unpleasant fever. Worse than my average yearly cold/down spell, but nothing more painful per say, just irritating. It is really odd how much it can flip other's though: I have relatives who caught if from me and...
  2. Cumulus

    Mandatory Masks

    Yeah I'm like Joshua. I only wear ones where they are mandatory and don't entirely understand people who wear them whilst walking in the open air/wear them whilst cycling etc. I think the measures will be gradually relaxed and become 'guidance' rather than stringently enforced with fines like...
  3. Cumulus

    Area 51

    They've released declassified documents which confirms it's "real": As in, an actual military base. What they have there though is another matter. Likely advanced technology, weaponry and new aircraft prototypes. I don't believe in the theory/claims they have aliens there. From a rational...
  4. Cumulus

    Hey there!

    Thank you!
  5. Cumulus

    Play Buttons

    The process is entirely at YouTube's direction. They have a team for "Creators" who (I presume) get notified when a channel reaches 100k, the channel is then manually reviewed against: The YouTube account must be in “good standing” There must not be any copyright strikes on the account The...
  6. Cumulus

    Favorite social Media?

    Morally, I prefer Twitter. I find it much pleasanter as a community and company, and their data privacy/ethics seem to be slightly better compared with other sites. Practically, and with my marketing hat on though, I do like Facebook as a platform: Very well built and easy to reach audiences. I...
  7. Cumulus

    PHP 8.0?

    With the latest version of PHP released in November, PHP 8.0, I was wondering if anyone had upgraded yet? I recently came across some scripts coded in PHP still using 5.6 and I know majority of current scripts (WordPress, Xenforo etc.) are still only 7.x compatible. So have you used 8.0 yet...
  8. Cumulus

    Logos yourself or hire someone else?

    When it comes to making logos for your own projects/forums/blogs, (if you have the skills) do you prefer to make them yourself or hire someone else? Whilst I've always been a huge graphic-design fan and can do things myself, I've often preferred hiring someone to make logos for me as I lack in...
  9. Cumulus

    AMD or Nvidia?

    When doing a custom build, are you more of an AMD (Radeon) person, or do you prefer Nvidia for your GPUs? I started off with an AMD Radeon X before moving over to the Nvidia GTX1080 and was impressed as the solid performance boost I experienced. So much so, I recently upgraded again to the RTX...
  10. Cumulus

    Hey there!

    Hey there everyone! Cumulus here - I'm a Masters Student and Social Media Manager based over in the UK :) Great to be here - Looking forward to some great conversations!