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    Getting back old members

    Any strategy to get back some old active members to post again on MP?
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    How long will youtube last?

    YT will never die out.
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    Anyone use Yahoo?

    Yahoo is a thing, again.
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    Friendly bump.
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    Modern forum software

    I like using forumotion. I’m sure everyone knows that by now lol.
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    Visual Boy Advance

    Ok thanks.
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    Modern forum software

    Discourse is $100/month. Self host is free.
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    I love playing Halo
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    Modern forum software
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    Who do you think is the United States top 2 enemies?

    Interesting. Very interesting.
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    5 People With Super Powers Caught on Tape

    So unreal.
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    Any updates?
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    Haha lol. These memes are very funny.
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    Visual Boy Advance

    How do you find the controller for the emulator?
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    How does News9 look like in HTML?

    Yeah sure no problem.
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    Mind Piff New Custom Style Just Released as well as a New Logo

    Theme looks good. Nice color combo.
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    Who do you think is the United States top 2 enemies?

    Back to topic: What about Iran and North Korea?
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    What would you name your own news channel?

    Sounds like a movie instead