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    Hello and welcome to Mind Piff! :)
  2. Malcolm

    Last Game played?

    Holy crap, that's actually a lot!
  3. Malcolm

    Last Game played?

    :unsure::unsure: who plays online chess????? Hahaha just kidding, I guess it counts it is considered a game :D
  4. Malcolm

    my first goal for mind piff

    No problem! Let's reach that goal!
  5. Malcolm

    Last Game played?

    Barotrauma! I started playing it a couple of days ago, however, I'm garbage at it. :/
  6. Malcolm

    MaxBill is here!

    Welcome to Mind Piff! :D
  7. Malcolm


    Hello, Dr Isaac! Welcome to Mind Piff! :)
  8. Malcolm

    my first goal for mind piff

    Let's keep this up! Come on everyone!
  9. Malcolm

    Hello Mind Piff

    Welcome to MindPiff!
  10. Malcolm

    Hello MindPiff

    Unfortunately I cannot indulge any member information. However the information you seek is made public by you.
  11. Malcolm

    Last post wins!

    Nah you aren't
  12. Malcolm

    What are you listening to?

    Godzilla by Eminem
  13. Malcolm

    Hello MindPiff

    Did not mistake at all...
  14. Malcolm

    Favorite Text Editor -> IDE?

    @TopSilver I now use JetBrains software :D So good!
  15. Malcolm

    Our Code Compiler is yours to use!

    any feedback that you guys could give us?

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