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    Hi! I think that i was at some point in one of your forums. Welcome! :D
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    A new me!

    Since this user left the forums, i proceed to lock the thread.
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    Last Game played?

    So yeah i know i've been playing League Of Legends "seriously" to at least hone my skills again and give a try to escalate in the league ladder. I reached Gold 3 and i am aiming to Platinum before season ends so i'll try my best to keep it up with the expectations again. League has lots of...
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    What about the customization? Moderation tools? What about the personal inbox?
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    Donkey Kong Country

    When i was driving back home i thought about the intros of the series and back then all we had was that noisy 8-bit sounds in both Sega Megadrives and old DOS system games and came to mind that it was the age when videogame music started to sound like real music
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    Album duds to classics

    I never really like the newer releases by Running Wild, since shadowmaker i felt that it was some sort of Beggar music instead of that classic Heavy Metal record but after a few years of listening to it, it grew inside as something different from their usual repertoire. Anyway, Rapid Foray is...
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    Donkey Kong Country

    Nothing to say. One of the best platformers ever made. Fun challenge and top music. I loved everything.. even the Game Over music. My favorite will be part 3. Gangplank music rocks!
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    Nowadays it's obviously a joke but it had its own thingy, i won't say it's appealing to the eye but it has something. I never had any contact with the Admin CP though, i'm merely talking about my normal user experience. You never knew what topic was last posted for example.
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    Storage became cheaper and bandwith too. Domains are cheap as 10$ a year and hostings starting from 5$ a month. I think web 2.0 made us forget the dark age of internet where no one knew anything about each other lol. Forums were always important but now the young kids never been into one...
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    I hated Baron Samedi's laughter. I so much enjoyed when i discovered i could kill him for real lol.
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    Anyone loves Xenforo?

    It's a long term project anyway, i must be sure of its foundings too. I pretty much like Xenforo and how it looks, but i feel that i can't do much without handing over a lot of money on add-ons. If i want to keep going with just me, it'll take forever to put things together after buying the...
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    Just remember

    I remember from those days that my parents would stock up food for an eventual disaster lol, we switched from Sony Walkmans and Discmans to this box called computer..
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    Nick vs Cartoon Network

    I've got the picture in my head but i can't remember the music, what song do you mean? The LATAM channel for Locomotion was so good, that was my favourite cartoon channel ever, even the ads or commercial spots were amazing.
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    I remember that the domain was 100$ a year and hosting was around 20$/month and you always come short for forums because it had only 500 MB or so. If you had 200 users and all of them had avatars.. you came short in space just for that.. and posts were heavy as well with IPB..
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    Anyone loves Xenforo?

    I was thinking on building a new site about Game making, does Xenforo has a Built-in gallery to share?

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