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How long will youtube last?
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Youtube is a platform that is slowly getting worse and worse by day. The Adpocalypse has created crisis-like consequences for some youtubers and inspired a lack of motivation for even more. The content is even going out the window. We still have people constantly exploiting the algorithms. This has stunted the whole system. So how long do you think youtube will last?
MindPiff v2.0 New Custom Default Light Theme and Dark Theme Now Live
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Hey guys just wanted to share with you some information about the new look. Simply put it took me 3 days straight coding nonstop css to bring this to you. I surely hope you like it. Also there are 5 colors to choose from. Blue, green, red, orange, and purple.

To top that off I have also made a dark style version of this with the same 5 different colors to choose from on dark. So if you like...
Does anyone think obama care was meant to keep tabs on people?
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I got an idea, ever since obama care, where your required to sign up for health care or your breaking the law, I've had this notion the whole thing was just meant to keep tabs on people. You know, put them in the system. You get put in a computer where your current address is always known. Seems to me someone just wanted to know where everyone was living. Or at least those who weren't...
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Who uses emulators on their phones? I have a GBA (gamboy advanced) simulator on mine, each game is either under a mb or only a few mb, i for one have every GBA pokemon and zelda games, i have mario cart a tons of other fun ones. If you guys use emulators, what do you use and what games do ya got?
The Holy War
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What will Wars be like in the end times? For myself I believe in the Christian bibles revelation. Some of you may not.

My question is this. What will the Holy War be like and how do you think it will be fought. The bible says Jesus will defeat Satan with the Word of God.

It seems interesting to me how warfare will take place in the end times. I've heard stories of those riding horse back...
Looking at past Wars, is America not the luckiest they've ever been?
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Wars have been spanning out for all of time since the beginning. There seems to be a war at least every 20 years or less.

I heard Rush Limbaugh say this on my dads radio and it is more true than I can say. America has to be the luckiest damn country there ever was in this age and time. Regardless of Donald Trump attacking Syria, it doesn't really count as a war in my opinion because there's...
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What is you're setup looking like? im super curious on what cha got in your system!
Weather climate
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Do you think the government is controling the weather?
Opinion On Being Able To Refund Skins In Fortnite?
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With refunding being added into fortnite I wanted to know your opinions... what do you think??
What do you guys think about super smash bros coming to the Nintendo Switch
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Yes it was announced to be released sometime this year. Super pumped about it for the reason that I'll be able to play online multiplayer. Anyone else excited to see smash bros come to the nintendo switch? Should be really fun.

There also making a real RPG pokemon at some point but no one knows when it's going to release.

What do you think?
What do you guys think about...
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The US declaring War on Syria? I seriously think we're all screwed. I mean c'mon this is another World war we're entering. Russia is allied with Syria and we just preemptively struck. Question, what do you guys think will happen as a result of this? I wouldn't sleep on it, seriously consider what it could be that we're doing and what is our endgame (as US citizen) and do you think we should...

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